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DONG Shujun

Date:2019-10-21   Click:

Present Professional Position: Associate Professor, CUPL

Highest Degree: Doctor’s Degree in Procedural Law


1. Books

(1) China’s Science of Criminal Law, Metallurgical Industry Press, Mar. 2000. (co-author)

(2) Criminal Policy Science, Qunzhong Press, May, 2002 (co-author)

(3) Science of Criminal Law, Textbook of the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, May 2004 (co-author)

(4) The Essential Meaning of Criminal Penalty, People’s Publishing House, Sept. 2004 (author)

2. Journal Articles

(1) The challenge of White-Collar Crime to Traditional Crime, Law Compilation, No. 1, 1994

(2) The important Supplement and Amendment of the National Security Law to the Criminal Law, National Security Information, No. 3, 1993

(3) Several Problems to Be Solved in the Comprehensive Management of Social Security, Hubei Political Science and Law, No. 1, 2001

(4) Application of Suspension and Immediate Execution of the Death Penalty, Heilongjiang Television Newspaper, Mar. 2006

(5) The Legal Issues of Hiring People to Kill Oneself, Hunan Legal Daily, July 2006


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