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RUAN Qilin

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Professor and doctoral supervisor at the Criminal Justice College of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), where he is holder of the teaching of Chinese Criminal Law I&II, Japanese Criminal Law, International Criminal Law and Case Seminar.

In July 1982, he graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law. In July 1985, he obtained the Master degree in Criminal Law at CUPL. From October 1992 to April 1994, he has studied, as a visiting scholar, at the Law School of University of Tokyo. In 2003, he obtained the doctoral degree in Criminal Law at Peking University.

Prof. Ruan is member of the 6th Board of Directors of the Criminal Law Section, Chinese Law Society; member of the Case Steering Committee of the Supreme People’s Court; deputy Procurator-General (part-time) of the Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate, Beijing; part-time professor at National Procurators College; consultant expert of the Beijing High People’s Court; consultant expert of the 3rd branch of People’s Procuratorate of Beijing. He has been deputy Procurator-General (part-time) in the Chaoyang District People’s Procuratorate, the Xuanwu District People’s Procuratorate and the Fengtai District People’s Procuratorate.


Prof. Ruan is engaged in research about:

1. crime theory system and its comparative study;

2. influence of the characteristics of Chinese Criminal Law on conviction and sentencing;

3. common crimes.


The main works are: Criminal Law, Crimes in Chinese Criminal Law, The First Exploration on Mao Zedong’s Thought of Criminal Law, Sentencing System and Practice in Chinese Criminal Law, Case Study Course of Criminal Law I, Case Study Course of Criminal Law II (with Prof. Fang Peng).

He has published more than forty papers in journals such as Chinese Journal of Law, China Legal Science and Jurists Review.

Among his publications, the following should be noted:

1. Criminal Law (3rd Edition), China University of Politics and Law Press, Beijing, 2011

2. The Crime Theory System between Reality to the Deserved. Also on Its Multiple Development, in Chinese Journal of Law, 2003(1)

3. Comment on Trainin’s Crime Theory System. Also on the Orientations in Constructing Crime Theory System, in Criminal Law Review, 2003(3)

4. Criminal Justice Should Insist on the Essential Evaluation of Criminal Liability, in China Legal Science, 2017(4)

5. Characteristics of Chinese Criminal Law and Space of Judicial Sentencing, in National Procurators College Law Review, 2008(3)

6. Constructing the System of Crime Quantity Suitable to the Characteristics of Chinese Criminal Law, in Journal of Henan Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2006(3)

7. On the Justification of Property Penalty and its Perspective of Reform, in China Legal Science, 1997(1)

8. Rethinking of the Justification of Property Penalty and its Reform, in Jurists Review, 2006(1)

9. Restriction of the Edictal Penalty of Kidnapping Crime on Its Identification, in Chinese Journal of Law, 2002(2)

10. Distinction between Theft and Forcible Seizure: Benefits, Orientation and Standards, in Contemporary Law Review, 2013

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