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HE Long

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Personal Information

HE Long, male, born in Shanxi Province in 1983, lecturer at the School of Criminal Justice, China University of Political Science and Law.


Bachelor of Law, and Bachelor of Arts, Shanxi University (2001)

Master of Law, Zhengzhou University (2005)

Doctor of Criminal Law, Renmin University of China (2011)

Guest Researcher at Chengji University of Japan (2012)

Postdoctoral at Tsinghua University (2016)

Specialized Field: Chinese Criminal Law and Comparative Criminal Law

Courses Taught: General Theory of Criminal Law, Specific Provisions of Criminal Law, Introduction to Law

Scientific Research 

1. Journal Articles

(1)Determination of the Nature of the Act of Not Preventing Others from Committing Intentional Crimes, Peking University Law Journal, No. 6, 2017;

(2)On the Invincibility of Impossibility of Offense, Science of Law, No. 4, 2018;

(3)Judicial Determination of the Crime of Obstructing Public Affairs from the Perspective of Abstract Dangerous Crime, Journal of Law Application, No. 2, 2018;

(4)Cognizance of the Nature of Criminal Law of Click Farming to Cheat for Reward Points, Coupons and Cash, Journal of Law Application, No. 2, 2017;

(5)Several Problems in the Application of " the Old and the Light Principle " -- From the Perspective of the Provisions on Corruption and Bribery in Amendment (IX) to the Criminal Law and Relevant Judicial Interpretations, People’s Procuratorial Semimonthly, No. 9, 2017;

(6)Research on Several Problems in Dangerous Driving Crime by "Drunk Driving", Studies in Law and Business, No. 4, 2013 (the second author);

(7)Analysis on Knotty Issues of Crime of Malfeasance in Food Supervision, Political Science and Law, No. 10, 2012 (the second author);

(8)Accurate Understanding of the Scope to Apply the Clauses on "Violent Attack to the Police", People’s Procuratorial Daily, April 26, 2017.

2. Research Projects

(1)Leading researcher of RUC (Renmin University of China) Research Project--Research on Criminal Organization of Gangland Nature (Project Approval Number 12XNH021, funded by Basic Research Operation Foundation for Universities from Central Finance, and project concluded).  

(2)Leading researcher of the 2016 project funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation--Research on Nonparticipation Behavior (Project Approval Number 2016m600985) (Project concluded).

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