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SHI Fang

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Personal Information

SHI Fang, Doctor of Law from Nanjing University, and postdoctoral of law at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is now associate professor at the School of Criminal Justice, China University of Political Science and Law.

Specialized Field: Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law

Profession Affiliation

Director, Chinese Society of Criminology

Distinguished Researcher, the Institute of Economic Criminal Law, Nanjing University

Distinguished Researcher, the International Research Center for European Criminal Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


Scientific Research

1. Journal Articles

(1) “Research on the Criminal Regulation of Internet Pyramid Schemes”, Journal of National Prosecutors College, No. 6, 2019, pp.101-114.

(2) “Negation of Artificial Intelligence Criminal Subject Status”, Science of Law, No. 6, 2018, pp.67-75.

(3) “Standard Interpretation on Victim Status of Participants in Illegal Fund-raising and Judicial Regulation--Also on the Protection Limits of Criminal Law to Financial Speculators”, Political Science and Law, No. 11, 2017, pp.43-52.

(4) “Normative Interpretation on Violating Legal Interest of Crime of Producing, Selling Quack Medicine”, Political Science and Law, No. 5, 2015, pp.47-54.

(5) “The Attributive Analysis, Classification and Comment of Super-personal Interests in Economic Crimes in China”, Contemporary Law Review, No. 2, 2018, pp.73-82.

(6) “The Connotation and Classification of Victim in Chinese Economic Crime -- Based on the Comparison of Objective Between Chinese and German Economic Criminal law”, Jahrbuch des Deutsch-Chinesischen Instituts für Rechtswissenschaft der Universitäten Göttingen und Nanjing, No. 2, 2017, pp.57-77.

(7) “On the Handling Model of Criminal Mingled with Civil Punishment in Cases of Illegal Fund-raising”, Journal of Beijing Administration Institute, No. 5, 2015, pp.108-114.

(8) “Whether Illegal Reasons Could Constitute the Crime of Fraud”, Criminal Law Review, No. 4, 2015, pp.319-340.

2. Research Projects

(1) 2019 National Social Science Fund Project -- Research on the Identification of Illegal Fund-raising Crimes in the Internet Finance Era

(2) 2017 China Law Society Project -- Research on the Prevention and Regulation of Financial Crime from the Perspective of National Economic Security

(3) 2017 Beijing Law Society Project for Youth Researchers -- Research on Protection of Economic Security by Criminal Las from the Perspective of Overall National Security

Foreign Exchanges

Visiting Scholar, German Max Planck Institute of Foreign Criminal Law and International Criminal Law.



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