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Xiao Chenghai

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Sex: Male

Nationality: Han

Date of Birth: Nov. 1974

Place of Birth: Zhenlai, Jilin

Political Status: Member of CPC

Present Professional Position:

Director of the Institute of Criminal Investigation, School of Criminal Justice, CUPL

Associate Professor, Master Student Supervisor, CUPL

Member of Academic Board, School of Criminal Justice, CUPL

Member of Academic Degree Committee of School of Criminal Justice, CUPL


07/1995 Bachelor of Law from CUPL

07/1998 Master of Procedure Law (Judicial Expert Science) from CUPL

07/2011  Doctor of Procedure Law (Evidence Law) from CUPL

Specialized Field: Criminal Investigation, Judicial Expertise, Evidence Law

Curriculum Taught: Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, General Principles of Criminal Investigation, Strategy of Investigation, Practice of Judicial Expertise, Law Clinic of Criminal Law and Criminal Science

Profession Affiliation:

Part-time Professor of Beijing Police College

Director of Beijing Society of Criminal Investigation

Expert of Beijing Minsheng Institute of Material Evidence Expertise

Lawyer of Yingjian Law Firm, Beijing  

Books Published:

New Edition of Criminal Procedure Law

Inquiry Science

Introduction to Legal Knowledge of Judicial Expertise

Practice on Evidence of Financial Crime

Countermeasures for Investigation and Prevention of Urban Crimes

Study on Extraterritorial Procuratorial Systems

Criminal Investigation (5th Edition)

General Principles of Criminal Investigation

Research on Proof Standards

Study on Unified Management Mechanism of Judicial Expertise

Research on Perfecting the Judicial Expertise System in Litigation

Foreign Exchanges: 03/2003 – 03/2004 Visiting Scholar of Nagoya University, Japan

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