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Zhang Pengli

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Name: Zhang Pengli

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: Oct. 1968

Highest Degree: Master’s Degree

Field of Specialization: Criminal Investigation, Judicial Expertise, and Judicial Accounting

Curriculum Taught: Criminal Cases Investigation, Judicial Accounting, Seminars on Case Investigation

Present Professional Position

Vice Director of the Institute of Criminal Investigation, School of Criminal Justice, CUPL

Associate Professor, Master Student Supervisor, School of Criminal Justice, CUPL


1. Books (including textbooks)

(1) Investigation of Criminal Cases, Qunzhong Press, May 2010

(2) Study on Judicial Accounting, Qunzhong Press, Aug. 2011

2. Journal Articles (author or co-author)

(1) On the Guiding Function of “Taking Trial as Center” in Investigation and Evidence Collection, Evidence Science, Feb. 2018

(2) On Emergence and Preventive Measures of Misjudged Criminal Cases, Policing Studies, Feb. 2015

(3) Preliminary Study on Teaching Ideas and Perfection of the Course -- Judicial Accounting, CUPL Selected Educational Articles, Volume 15

(4) On Investigation, Prevention and Control of Violent Crimes Committed by Minors, Journal of Guangxi Police College, Mar. 2016

(5) Several Common Investigative Strategies, Journal of Railway Police College, Feb.2016

(6) Study on Characteristics, Investigation and Prevention of Acquaintance Rape Crime, Legality Vision, Nov. 2015 (II)

(7) Characteristics and Basic Investigation Methods of Current Women and Children Trafficking Cases, Theory and Practice of Criminal Law, Feb. 2010

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