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DAI Shijian

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Personal Information

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: Mar. 1973


Highest Degree: Master’s Degree

Present Professional Position: Professor, CUPL

Field of Specialization: Electronic Evidence, Law of Evidence

Taught Curriculum: Basics of Information Technology, Data Recovery Technology, Electronic Evidence Investigation, Forensic Electronic Data, Big Data Investigation


09/1987—07/1990  No. 4 Middle School, Xiangfan, Hubei

09/1990—06/1994 Hefei Artillery College, Got Bachelor’s Degree in Instructor of Artillery

09/1994—06/1997 Hefei Artillery College, Got Master’s Degree in Operational Commanding

Work Experience

07/1997—11/1999 Assistant Engineer at 63961 Troops

12/1999—11/2005 Engineer at 63961 Troops

12/2005—03/2009 Senior Engineer at 63961 Troops

04/2009—11/2015 Senior Engineer at Supreme People's Procuratorate

12/2015—Present  Professor at School of Criminal Justice, CUPL

Professional Affiliation

(1) Member of the Computer Forensics Committee of China Electronic Society

(2) Expert in charge of the identification of audio, image, electronic evidence and voiceprint at Tianjin Jinshi Judicial Expertise Center

(3) Executive Vice President of the Institute of Forensic Expertise, Tianjin Jinshi Judicial Expertise Center.


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2. Books

(1) Data Recovery Technology (1st Edition), Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Sept. 2003 (author)

(2) Data Recovery (textbook designated for vocational certification by the Ministry of Information Industry), Sept. 2003 (author)

(3) Data Flow Atlas of Enterprise Management Modeling, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Jan. 2005 (co-author)

(4) Data Recovery Technology (2nd edition), Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Mar. 2005 (author)

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(8) Computer Forensics and Forensic Expertise, Tsinghua University Press, Mar. 2009 (co-author)

(9) Data Recovery Technology (4th Edition), China Renmin University Press, Sept. 2011(co-author)

(10) Practice of Judicial Identification of Electronic Data (compilation of which organized by the Ministry of Justice, PRC), 2011 (co-author)

(11) Hard Disk Maintenance and Data Recovery, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2012 (author)

(12) Computer Forensics and Forensic Expertise (2nd Edition), Tsinghua University Press, Mar. 2014 (co-author)

(13) Data Recovery Technology (Classical Reprint Edition), Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Jul. 2014 (author)

(14) Guide to the Investigation of Electronic Evidence, China Procurational Press, Aug. 2014 (author)

(15) Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Mar. 2016 (co-translator)

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